Lahaina, Maui

A quick 40-minute flight from Honolulu and we landed in absolute paradise! The island of Maui is so incredibly beautiful, and we felt so, so lucky to be able to see it. We stayed in Lahaina, which has been kept so traditional and in keeping with Hawaiian history. This was particularly clear whilst driving past Front Street, the area with the main shops and restaurants, looking over the sea front. We arrived at our hotel for the next few days, the Outrigger Aina Nalu, which was just the loveliest place. Rather than one large building, it was separated into blocks with just a few rooms each, and the décor was kept beautifully with the traditional island style. The pools at this hotel were also just stunning!

They hadn’t been able to fit our luggage onto the plane so it had to be sent on the next flight – we were told it would be brought to us at our hotel by that evening, so we just decided to spend our first day exploring the area and doing some food shopping as this hotel was self-catering. The food we bought was all amazing, but so expensive it was ridiculous. As the evening went on, and there was no sign of our luggage arriving yet, J was getting more and more anxious and I just couldn’t understand why, as surely it couldn’t be that big a deal – it would arrive at some point! It was delivered to us at around 10pm that evening, and I’ve never seen him look so relieved! The next day, I understood why he’d been so stressed…

We went on a trip called the Road to Hana (aka the windiest road like ever), stopping at many different waterfalls on the way and overlooking the sights, including Honomanu Bay, the Wailua Valley Outlook, the Nahiku Marketplace, the Wailua Falls, and the Seven Sacred Pools at O’heo Gulch. As incredible as this all sounds (and to be fair it was all truly beautiful), our tour driver was mind-numbingly boring and I actually managed to fall over on the hike up to O’heo Gulch, spraining my ankle, which resulted in me being a stroppy mare. This ended up being a slight nightmare to J, seeing as he had a preeeeeetty important question to ask me when we reached the top!

It would definitely be fair to say that I stopped my complaining straight away, and spent the rest of the trip in a complete daze. We went for a gorgeous meal that evening looking over the sea, and even got free dessert because of our news (undoubtedly the best part of being newly engaged was all the free food we were given)!

The following day was absolute bliss, as we went snorkelling on Molokini Island with green sea turtles! Our guides were amazing, and the experience was simply phenomenal, and so, so much fun.

Our last two days after this were spent relaxing by the beautiful pools at our hotel, wandering around the town, and eating incredible food. Our last night in Hawaii was spent at the Old Lahaina Luau, which was so unbelievably extraordinary – the performers were amazing, the music was amazing, the food was amazing, and the views were amazing. It was truly the perfect way to end our visit to our dream location!


Author: francescambowers

22 years old, Dance Education graduate. I like beauty, skincare, food, dance, and Disney.

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