LAS VEGAS November 2017

After a long flight, we finally landed in the most bizarre place I have ever visited. Constant noise, people everywhere, and bright lights and colours where ever you looked – Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas! We spent our first evening on a night time helicopter flight over the city; this was completely insane, but truly one of the most incredible experiences. Seeing the brightest lights from up top was unforgettable!


Our first full day was spent at the Grand Canyon, which was honestly one of my most favourite days of the whole trip. We went with an incredible company called Pink Adventure Tours, where we spent the day in a pink jeep!! Our guide was just amazing, he was so informative and friendly and made us feel so welcome in a place that neither of us had visited. We visited the Hoover Dam, the Huawalapai Village, and experience the Skywalk at the Grand Canyon – so incredible.


The following day was spent exploring the city, enjoying the sun, and shopping! Las Vegas during the day is so different to how it is during the night, so it was definitely interesting to compare! In the evening, we then went to see a performance of Ka by the Cirque du Soleil, which is now most definitely in my top 5 shows I have ever seen!



Author: francescambowers

22 years old, Dance Education graduate. I like beauty, skincare, food, dance, and Disney.

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