I am back. (Probably just for one post and then I will forget again for another 5 months).

Just wanted to voice a little something. IS THERE ANYTHING MORE CONFUSING THAN BEING 22 YEARS OLD?


On the one hand, I’ve graduated uni with a pretty decent degree, I have a full time job, and I am engaged to my absolute best friend. Life is pretty fab. However, I’m finding myself feeling like I haven’t a clue right now what I actually want to do, and I feel like there is SO much pressure to make this decision now in order for my life to work out the way it’s supposed to.

So many people I know my age are moving in with their partners, meanwhile J and I are saving for a mortgage deposit which obviously requires a steady income. Confidence issues in the career I am aiming for have simply led to me feeling totally baffled as to what I am meant to do ie.  doing a PGCE course next academic year. If I don’t do it, then we won’t be able to buy a house when we want to, but right now I feel so useless that I’m not even sure if teaching is the career for me.

There is no real purpose to this post, except for voicing my thoughts and perhaps giving me something to look back on when my life is sussed.

For now, I am baffled (though I know for sure that I am not the only one).

With love and confusion,

Francesca xxx



Author: francescambowers

22 years old, Dance Education graduate. I like beauty, skincare, food, dance, and Disney.

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