Before I met my darling J, I had another one true love – dance. From the age of two and a half I was partaking in dance classes, starting with ballet and moving on to tap and modern when I was five. Since I was tiny, I’ve always adored the way dance can completely change the way I feel; there is nothing quite like moving your body to music and sharing that with the people around you.


I love everything that dance has brought to my life. I have made incredible friends through dance – us dancers seem to have a unique sense of empathy between us all and many of my friends, who I’ve met because of dance, are the people who I genuinely believe understand my soul in a unique manner. Sharing such an expressive passion with others can give you feelings that are incomparable to anything else.


Growing up, I took part in exams and shows, both of which I completely adored. Taking part in exams helped to establish a healthy sense of competition in myself, challenging me to improve each time I was examined in a further grade. Shows however, have always been the highlight of my year. Stage makeup and costumes, exciting music, and the most fun dances leading up to the big finale at the end, getting to show my friends and family exactly what it was that I spent every minute outside of school doing.


My love of dance continued through to sixth form, where I decided to attend two different sixth forms just so that I could study A-Level dance. This then continued through to me moving away to study a BA Hons in Dance Education at university. Studying dance so closely has been both a blessing and a curse; on the one hand, it was incredible to be able to understand the derivatives of the different styles of dance, and getting to try my hand at learning the technique of different styles. However, I also ended up spending the majority of my final two years injured, and found that without being able to physically dance, I actually found the subject rather boring and really struggled to stay motivated. Despite this, finishing my degree on my target grade is my proudest achievement to date, and I am so so proud that after 19 years of having dance in my life, I have managed to become so well qualified to pass this love onto others.


I am so grateful for all that dance has given me, and I’m not sure that anything will ever really be able to replace that. For me, dance was my whole childhood. Without it, I simply would not be the person I am today.




Author: francescambowers

22 years old, Dance Education graduate. I like beauty, skincare, food, dance, and Disney.

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