A little about myself…

j edinBefore I dwindle off into any more posts about singular interests of mine, I feel that it would probably be a good idea to talk about myself a little more. An insight into my mind if you like. As I have already mentioned, a large part of my personality is my lack of confidence, however by using this blog as an outlet maybe I can allow the rest of me to shine through.

To begin with, I have been a dancer since I was a toddler in a cute little ballet skirt dancing to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Who would have ever thought that this would shape my whole life as I grew into an adult? I have practiced ballet, tap, modern, jazz, and contemporary, and more recently have tried out African and South Asian styles during my time on my degree. Ballet however, will always be my first love. The way it makes me feel creating beautiful shapes with my body is a unique feeling that only a fellow dancer could ever appreciate. Although I no longer practice ballet regularly, I adore watching performances and also teaching the style.

I LOVE Disney. Have done ever since I was a child and my dad would come home with a new princess costume every other week. Various trips to Disneyland Paris have only encouraged this love, with my most recent trip being with my lovely boyfriend, J. (He loved it and is probably even worse than I am now). Between us we have the entire collection of the Classics and Pixar films, as well as lots of soft toys and more mugs than will ever be necessary. Minnie Mouse ears and Mickey Mouse adorned clothing are an ensemble that I really do wish could be more socially acceptable to wear in public. I love the escapism that Disney provides me with; no matter the problem, it always helps me to just cosy up with a Disney film.

I am by no means anywhere near the standards of most beauty fanatics – however, makeup and skincare remains to be a love of mine. Being able to put a literal new face on can completely change the outlook of my day, and playing around with different looks can be so exciting (although I am usually very boring and wear the same stuff day in, day out). In the last year or so, taking care of my skin has been hugely important for me. Taking care of myself is so therapeutic, and there is most definitely no better feeling than a freshly cleansed face!

My parents have instilled a love of travel in me; I have been so fortunate to travel to places such as Thailand, Cambodia, Borneo, and Sri Lanka, as well as Switzerland, Ireland, and Italy. Luckily my boyfriend shares this love of travel with me, and we have planned our first ‘big holiday’ together this November to Las Vegas, Hawaii, and Disneyland Resort California. I am SO excited to see the world with him!

Finally, it wouldn’t be right to ignore my love of food. I have tried again and again to ‘eat clean’ but I just loooooooooove carbs and cheese too much. Cake may as well be what my heart is made from, and baking always makes me happy. Cooking beautiful food and having incredible aromas filling the kitchen – there is nothing quite like it.

Maybe other people share similar interests to me? I’d love to hear all about them and talk to people about such things!

Thanks for making it this far and reading about boring little me,

Francesca xxx


Author: francescambowers

22 years old, Dance Education graduate. I like beauty, skincare, food, dance, and Disney.

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